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The importance of failure in Design Thinking

Cover photo: Sarah Kilian via Unsplash Fail fast, fail often is one of the recurring mantras in the world of startups and digital in general. The sooner an idea is tested, the sooner it's understood that it doesn't work, the better: this way, one can move on to the next experiment.

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There's no User Experience without the user

In building the User Experience of a digital product, we can make use of usability notions and psychology; we can (and must) implement best practices and draw the entire team's attention towards them. However, all this does not exempt us from addressing the core concept of UX itself: talking with the final user.

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web accessibility

Web accessibility: why does it matter?

Anyone involved with the web will, sooner or later, encounter the topic of accessibility, a subject often underestimated or not fully understood. Let's explore together what we mean when we talk about website accessibility and why it's important to consider it in our work as "web architects."

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The #YouANDEMILI workshop on the Agile Method

On Friday, June 28th, we organized the second workshop #YouANDEMILI at our new fourth floor, to share with AND EMILI's clients the Agile revolution we have been advancing in recent months and to coordinate with them for real teamwork, all together.

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