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Sales network apps, the #YouANDEMILI workshop

Sales network apps, the #YouANDEMILI workshop

Last Friday, May 10th, we at AND EMILI organized the workshop #YouANDEMILI, the first in a series of events dedicated to digital tools for businesses.

The theme of this workshop? Applications for the sales network as a tool to achieve business objectives, with its own challenges in development, numerous opportunities for the commercial and consultancy network, and as a resource for marketing.

The workshop introduced participants to the co-design method for developing a sales network app: our morning together indeed started with a round of introductions led by Ivan, followed by a phase where our guests got involved. With Post-its and markers in hand, they outlined the objectives a sales network app could serve for their companies and the challenges they might encounter on the path to creating such a tool.

fEDERICO-aURICCHIO-and-emiliFederico Auricchio AND EMILI — Challenges and Objectives in Creating a Sales Network App

Co-design is precisely this: the digital agency and the brand approach the new project as partners, ensuring the objectives are clear, shared, encapsulated in the tool, and subsequently measurable.

With Stefano, the more theoretical part of our morning began: how is co-design realized in practice? Which stakeholders to involve and with which methodologies? In which environment will the sales network app be adopted and on which devices? How to represent users' needs? How to design the user journey?

Federico then analyzed the measurement phase based on KPIs, offering us an overview of relevant data, useful tools, and other research methodologies. Effective measurement anticipates a virtuous cycle of continuous optimization of results, let's not forget that.

The #YouANDEMILI format includes sharing case histories from which to draw operational insights and continue the reflection: last Friday, our guests could listen to the experiences of Marco Castaldelli from Euromobiliare Advisory SIM and Ermanno Mazzitelli from Alfasigma.

Ermanno-Mazzitelli-AlfasigmaErmanno Mazzitelli, Alfasigma

Soon, we will share the slides viewed during the workshop with the participants, and before long, interviews with our guest speakers who presented the case histories will be available.


#YouANDEMILI will continue with new workshops, see you at the next meeting!

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