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The #YouANDEMILI workshop on the Agile Method

On Friday, June 28th, we organized the second workshop #YouANDEMILI at our new fourth floor, to share with AND EMILI's clients the Agile revolution we have been advancing in recent months and to coordinate with them for real teamwork, all together.

Stefano-Iotti-Head-of-digital-partner-and-emiliStefano Iotti, Head of Digital & Partner at AND EMILI — Workshop #YouANDEMILI

With the "Introduction to Agile Methodology" workshop, we aimed to engage with our guests to apply the method to work across different brands according to everyone's organizational needs and be more efficient.

Stefano Iotti, Head of Digital & Partner at AND EMILI, welcomed our guests by explaining what motivated AND EMILI to choose Agile for organizing our digital agency.


After Stefano's speech, the floor was handed over to Fabio Ghislandi, Agile Coach who, along with his collaborators, is guiding our transformation process into a more Agile digital agency. Theory and practice met in the experimentation phase: with the help of a stopwatch, paper, markers, and Lego bricks, the workflows between client and agency were clearly visualized.

Getting hands-on always makes a difference. Trying Agile with Fabio's simulations truly showcased the differences between a waterfall approach and a method organized according to the principles of Agile: focus, speed, and superior results if the entire organization, including clients, is aware of the game's rules.

fabio-ghislandi-agile-coach-workshop-you-and-emiliFabio Ghislandi, Agile Coach — Workshop #YouANDEMILI

In the concluding part of the morning, Ivan Galletti, Key Account Manager & Partner at AND EMILI, involved our clients in the application of Agile here at our digital agency. How are we adopting the method? In which areas of work? How are our first, more agile months going?

ivan-galletti-key-account-manager-partner-workshop-ou-and-emiliIvan Galletti, Key Account Manager & Partner — Workshop #YouANDEMILI

Soon, a video snippet on the Agile method created with our Agile Coach Fabio Ghislandi, who shared some points of attention about the method and organizations that may be useful to us and, we hope, to you as well.


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