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Social Trends 2023: between expectation and reality

social trends 2023
Social Trends 2023: between expectation and reality

In the final months of 2022, we social media professionals, among others, grappled with statistics, posts, and comments on the trends that will mark 2023. The first month of the year is almost over, the initial editorial plans have been published, the data analyzed, and we can begin to discern whether those predictions were accurate and which trends are indeed worth pursuing.

Cross-Posting benefits no one.

After years of optimizing timing (and budgets), we're forced to admit that cross-posting doesn't work. While it remains true that every brand's audience is present across multiple channels, the differing consumption reserved for each is becoming increasingly apparent.

In various reports formulated for AND EMILI clients, it has been clear how the same post (with the same budget) has recorded vastly different performances. That's why one of the major challenges we aim to conquer is the rationalization of brand presence across various channels, creating specific content for each. To achieve what? REAL RESULTS.

Reading (and following) data for genuine success.

Without professional mastery of data interpretation and the subsequent application of this data to editorial plans, achieving set goals is nearly impossible. No post, however creative and engaging, can succeed if it doesn't align with KPI trends. Consumer habits are increasingly explicit and conscious, and to merely categorize our audience as “male and female” is akin to leaving social media in the hands of “those famous cousins.” Studying data and THEN creating remains the winning habit of 2023.

How Does ROAS Grow? With Influencers (Especially Micro-Influencers).

The remunerative effectiveness of influencers, especially those sought after according to specific market niches, is proven. Social Media Managers in 2023 must know how to choose the most suitable ones, communicate with them (even in terms of actual estimates), give them a detailed brief while accepting to receive content that aligns with the influencer's own tone of voice.

Other announced trends already making waves (In brief).

  • Instagram and Facebook want short, rhythmic videos that cannot simply be cuts from YouTube videos.
  • Google fears Social Media, not Yahoo. Especially younger users are using IG and TikTok as search engines: a portion of the editorial plan's content must be conceived according to this trend.
  • Sustainability and social commitment are no joke.
    Every Brand (and individual) must do their part for this ailing world, but any false action or greenwashing gets caught (and publicly criticized) by users.
  • HAIL CHAT GPT: a great resource. In terms of copy, it often just puts the obvious in black and white, but it's a helpful obvious that allows for more focus on strategy. Recently, Chat GPT wrote a post for this very blog. 

Question for the Social Media Strategists listening: which social trends for 2023 do you think are already emerging?

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