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Community Management: how to moderate, monitor, and grow your online community

Underestimated by many brands, yet a primary strategy for others: Community Management is one of the keys to humanize your brand on social media and deriving a return in terms of brand awareness and engagement. It's a set of actions that should be part of the routine of any company present on Social Media.

What is Community Management?

Imagine moving the conversation offline, onto the main street of any city: the window display of a closed shop with merchandise displayed in an aesthetically harmonious and chromatically studied manner will attract the curiosity of passersby. Fewer customers compared to the window of an open business where a dialogue can be established with trained personnel representing the brand, empathetic and capable of responding to customer needs.

Similarly, in a social world moving away from polished feeds, purely promotional copy, and algorithms that once defined avocado toast as the only permissible dish for a healthy social presence, it's important to devise a strategy. This strategy should aim to bring our brand closer to consumers, thereby making them feel authentically at the center.

t AND EMILI, we frequently discuss community management with our clients, as the dynamics of platforms are always shifting, and the ways to interact with your follower base are rapidly evolving. Recently, I've explored this topic further by participating in the program to obtain the Meta certification for Facebook Community Managers. This program serves as a detailed guide aimed at fostering a strong community and facilitating valuable exchanges between users on the platform.


Below are some key insights from the program for Social Media Managers and Community Managers who aspire to transform their followers into an active and engaged community:

1. Conduct Many Tests

Central to placing our community at the forefront is the need for extensive testing. There's no universal manual indicating which formats are most effective, as every audience varies. Meta recommends experimenting with different formats for the same content. For instance, if addressing the topic of "feelings," consider creating a poll for user responses. Later, post on the same subject and compare it to the poll's outcome. The insights gathered can reveal what resonates best with your audience.

Screenshot 2022-08-30 at 11.11.21Da: "Community-Management-Study-Guide", Facebook, 2020

2. Ask the Community

A straightforward yet often overlooked method to tailor content to our fan base is simply asking our followers directly. Engage users by inquiring about their preferred content and areas for improvement. This simple tactic not only yields the information you seek but also makes users feel appreciated.


3. Interact with Comments

It's crucial to answer questions promptly and foster user conversations. Streamline this process by compiling a list of frequently asked questions and preparing responses. This approach prevents improvisation with each interaction and ensures a consistent brand voice

4. Manage Crises

Be ready to handle critical moments. When your content garners a high level of interaction, divergent opinions and user discussions will likely require moderation. Developing a contingency strategy is essential: your brand must react in a manner true to its identity and values, easing tensions and responding swiftly. Opting out of engagement or erasing negative feedback could backfire, amplifying the situation's impact.

In Conclusion

Caring for your social media follower base, sparking dialogue, and overseeing conversations about your products or services isn't merely a strategy to boost user interaction and engagement. It also presents an invaluable chance to amplify our brand's voice, draw it closer to the audience, and underscore a stance that aligns with the company's values.


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