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5x1000 for Telefono Azzurro: the digital communication campaign

5x1000 for Telefono Azzurro: the digital communication campaign


How do we develop a digital communication campaign for an offline "product" such as the choice of the 5x1000 (tax donation option)?

AND EMILI is supporting Telefono Azzurro in their 5x1000 campaign for 2020, a challenge that has presented us with some interesting dynamics between offline and online.

Indeed, as a digital agency, the foundation of our work lies in the measurement of activities and results to enhance the performance of campaigns and achieve our clients' objectives.

However, in the case of the 5x1000, measurement occurs post-campaign, months after its execution. This reality hasn't deterred us from organizing activities in such a manner that they can be assessed and matched with the outcomes that will surface after the collection of donations via the 5x1000.

Following discussions with our client and our considerations, we recognized a pressing need. This was to reconnect with those who, as children in the '80s and '90s, developed a fondness for the Telefono Azzurro brand through its television advertising (us included). For these individuals, Telefono Azzurro has been a longstanding beacon. However, there's a current need for a reminder regarding the nonprofit's endeavors, goals, and ongoing projects.

Consequently, we adopted a strategy that resonates with the familiar. It mirrors the historic campaigns of Telefono Azzurro in both its visual and verbal messaging. "When the call comes, you'll have already answered," is the slogan crafted by AND EMILI for this initiative. This slogan thoughtfully employs the verb "to call", echoing Telefono Azzurro's traditional role. Now, the nonprofit extends its reach beyond telephonic communication to engage with children, teenagers, and adults in need across a plethora of digital platforms.

The campaign's initial stage focused on highlighting Telefono Azzurro's key activities. It aimed to direct users, likely to be interested, to the service-related informational pages on the website.

Telefono -Azzurro-campagna -5x-1000-fase- informativa

Telefono Azzurro, 5x1000 campaign, informational phase.

Next, a retargeting strategy was deployed. It aimed to engage users who had shown significant interest in the initial messaging. They were presented with specific advertisements related to the 5x1000 theme. The goal here was to foster a readiness to donate among these users.

Telefono- Azzurro-campagna -5-x-1000- fase- di -conversioneTelefono Azzurro, 5x1000 campaign, conversion phase.

Originally launched in the digital space we monitor, the campaign seamlessly transitioned into offline channels. It continues to promote the selection of the 5x1000 through printed media such as magazines and newspapers.


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